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How do you choose the ideal sleeping bag?

A baby sleeping bag is the perfect choice to help your baby sleep safely and comfortably. The sleeping bag provides sufficient warmth, your baby cannot crawl under it with his head and he cannot toss and turn completely naked. Great! But how do you know that your little one is not too hot or cold? And which sleeping bag is suitable for which temperature?

1. Choose the right size for your baby

The height of your child is more important than the age to determine the correct size of the sleeping bag. If the sleeping bag is too big, your baby may crawl in it. So don't choose your sleeping bag too big. The Meyco Baby sleeping bags all have a slim fit to prevent this. The size is expressed in centimeters, which stand for the height of your child.

2. Choose the type of sleeping bag

Depending on the age of your child, you can choose a sleeping bag or jumper. Also think about the comfort when changing. If the zipper runs all the way to the bottom, changing diapers overnight is a breeze. Your child can just keep the sleeping bag on. Also consider the time of year you use it and adjust your choice accordingly.

3. Not too hot or too cold?

This remains a difficult estimate for many parents. By feeling your baby's neck, you can check whether he is too hot or too cold. If it is pleasantly warm and not clammy, then it is good.

4. TOG, what is that?

Another thing to look for when buying a sleeping bag: the TOG value. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and the number indicates the level at which blankets, sleeping bags, clothing and also swaddle cloths retain body heat. It can be an aid in estimating what your baby needs at which room temperature in his nursery. Pajamas or not? An extra blanket or just remove a sheet?

Always the perfect sleeping bag for your little one

The different Meyco Baby sleeping bags are available in the nicest prints, fabrics and colors. You mix and match them infinitely with each other and with the rest of the complete Meyco Baby collection. This way you will always find the perfect sleeping bag for your little dreamer. In style and comfort. If you have two at home, you can immediately put on a clean one in case of an accident. Useful!

 Stand and walk safely in the right baby sleeping bag

Is your little one starting to practice standing more and more, or are the first steps already being taken? A jumper with pipes is the solution. This gives your little one sufficient freedom of movement and he can just stand and walk. So safe. The only risk is that your child will not want to take it off!