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Cool for the summer

How to keep your baby's room cool?

During the hot summer days, it is always a struggle to keep yourself and the house cool. Especially with a baby, it is very important that both the baby room and your baby stay cool. Therefor we give you some tips on how best to go about this.

The temperature of the baby's room

If your baby is younger than two months, the baby room should be around 20 degrees. After two months, the temperature should be between 15 and 18 degrees. This seems cold, but this will prevent your baby from sweating a lot. Babies cannot regulate their own temperature well yet, so as a parent you should pay close attention to this.  

Make sure you can ventilate the room well. Open the windows and doors against each other in the morning, but close them again when it gets too hot outside and lower the blinds. Do leave the vents open; this provides fresh air inside. At night, all windows may be opened again, allowing the rooms to cool down.

Summerproof baby textiles for your little one

Your baby is best off wearing sleeping bags made of cotton. This fabric breathes well when it is warm and absorbs moisture well. Check out our cotton summer sleeping bags in beautiful solid colors or with fun prints.  

Our fitted sheets are made of 100% jersey cotton. This is not only nice for summer, but during all seasons. Jersey cotton is long-lasting and our fitted sheets are available in all kinds of fun colors and sizes. You can also choose cotton for blankets, but hydrophilic and wool blankets are also fine. Fabrics such as velvet, teddy and fleece are best avoided in summer, as they are too warm and do not breathe as well.

TOG value

When looking for suitable sleeping bags or blankets for the summer, please pay close attention to the TOG value of a product. The TOG value indicates the best way to dress your child. This value lies between 0 and 4; the higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag or blanket is.  

If the TOG value exceeds 4, there is a risk of heat congestion. This means that more heat is produced than dissipated. For this reason, it is wise to dress your child in breathable fabrics, such as cotton and wool. Read more about the TOG value here.

Cooling tips:

  • Buy a thermometer to check the temperature in the baby's room, that way you will always know how warm it is in the environment; 
  • If the room is too hot, you can use a fan to cool it down, but don't point the air blowing directly at your baby. 
  • Place bottles of cold or ice water in front of the fan, so the fan will blow around extra cold air 
  • Do you open the windows in the morning? Make sure your baby is not in a draft 
  • Is it still too warm in the room? Move your child's crib temporarily or put a camp bed in the coolest room of the house and let your child sleep there for a while. That way he or she can sleep peacefully  
  • Only use cotton bedding during Summer; cotton breathes well and absorbs moisture nicely. Do not use waterproof mattress protectors, your little one will get hotter faster. 
  • Make sure there are no electrical appliances in the baby's room. These radiate heat and can make the room even warmer unnecessarily.

Sweet dreams to all of you and we wish you
a lovely & cool summer!

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