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Cold nights?

Here's how your baby will sleep like a rose!

Brrr... Winter nights can be pretty chilly. The last thing you want is a baby waking up from the cold. But how do you ensure the perfect sleeping environment? And how do you know your baby is not too cold or too hot?

The right bedroom temperature is key

A temperature between 16 and 20 degrees is best. 20 degrees is the ideal temperature for a baby up to eight weeks and 16 to 18 degrees for older babies. Handy: most baby monitors have instant temperature readings, but a separate thermometer will do just as well. In the cold months you use the heating more often, so a humidifier in the baby's room is not a luxury. This prevents the air from becoming too dry and - more importantly - prevents a lot of unnecessary coughing.


Based on the temperature in the baby's room, you decide what to put on your baby in its cot. The TOG-value indicates the level at which blankets, sleeping bags and sheets retain heat. The higher the value, the warmer the product. So you can better estimate what your child needs in bed at what temperature. An extra blanket or no blanket, pyjamas or no pyjamas?


Autumn also marks the start of 'cold' season. A stuffy nose can seriously disrupt your little one's (and your) sleep. To alleviate the cold, you can give your baby a warm bath in the evening. Another aid is a special nasal spray or put a sliced onion in the bedroom.

Also important...

Don't forget: a hot water bottle and hot water bottle cover! With a hot water bottle you quickly warm up the bed beforehand and of course a hot water bottle cover cannot be missing. Meyco Baby has the softest and cutest hot water bottle covers. Make sure you always use the hot water bottle safely.

Everything for cold nights

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