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Swaddle with SwaddleMeyco - The safe feeling for your baby

The 5S method of Dr Harvey Karp to calm your baby
Dr Harvey Karp is an American paediatrician who specialises in calming and the sleeping of babies. There are many videos available online of his 5S method. The techniques of the Karp method are developed to help parents.

This method will help you to activate your baby's natural calming reflex in five magical steps. One of these steps is swaddling your child.
Swaddling gives your baby a safe, protected and calm feeling.

The first S: Swaddle

Swaddling recreates the pleasant, warm environment of the womb, which has a calming effect on your baby. It reduces anxiety and improves sleep.
Babies who are swaddled respond well to the following four S's because they are unable to swing their arms.
Swaddling properly means wrapping the arms tightly around the body's sides, leaving the hips loose and the legs raised.
It is important to make sure that the baby does not overheat, or that his head is covered, or that your baby can wriggle free.
Tip: It is not the idea to keep your baby swaddled all day. Only swaddle your child when it is restless or while sleeping.
Important: always check with a healthcare professional, such as your midwife, whether your child's restlessness has no medical cause before you start swaddling.

Frequently asked questions about swaddling:
Why do you swaddle your baby?
You re-create the safe feeling that the womb gave your baby. The limited room to move and the pressure on the body brings it back to the feeling that the baby experienced in the womb. This gives a sense of security and makes it easier for your child to relax. When your baby is restless or crying a lot, swaddling is a great way to get him or her relaxed and calm again more quickly. In addition, babies are not aware that they have arms. As a result, they often mow themselves awake, this is called moro-reflex. They do experience that something is happening, but do not know where it comes from. Swaddling prevents them from moving their arms, which gives them peace of mind.
Furthermore, swaddling also teaches the baby to fall asleep; in the womb they fell asleep naturally because of the rocking that occurs when the mother moves. When they are born, they suddenly have to do this themselves and learn it. Swaddling helps with this.
When do you swaddle your baby?
When you are dealing with a crying baby or a restless child. It is important to know whether the restlessness or crying has a medical cause. Always consult a midwife, maternity assistant or doctor before you start swaddling.
Babies who are clearly suffering particularly from the moro-reflex can also be swaddled. Also babies who have problems learning to fall asleep on their own can benefit from swaddling. Basically, the majority of children benefit from swaddling, which is why it is good for your baby to start swaddling immediately after birth.
Does swaddling also help with cramps or reflux?
Yes, it helps the baby relax, but it does not take away the discomfort of cramps or reflux. However, if a child can relax better, he or she can often handle the pain or discomfort of cramps or reflux better.
When do you stop swaddling?
Most children benefit most from swaddling until they are about 3 to 4 months old. After that, most babies are able to fall asleep on their own. However, there are also babies who benefit longer from swaddling. It is important to start weaning from swaddling from the moment your child can roll over, usually around the 6th / 7th months, it is dangerous and you have to stop immediately.

Step 1: Place your baby in the SwaddleMeyco so that their shoulders are on the same level as the top of the SwaddleMeyco. The legs are placed in the footmuff Open the velcro closure at the top of the footmuff.

Step 2: Fold the left side cover connected around the baby's body and arms. At the bottom of the left cover you will find the matching velcro, which fits the velcro at the height of your baby's stomach. Attach the two parts to each other.

Step 3: Fold the right flap over the left flap and attach the two open velcro closures to the velcro of the left flap.

Attention: The flaps should be fastened tightly, but the baby should not be constricted. When swaddling, it is best if the baby's arms are stretched out along the side of the body so that the SwaddleMeyco can be closed as tightly as possible. A SwaddleMeyco that is too loose will not give the desired results. Always place the baby on its back when swaddling.
Safety tips: see warning label in product.

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