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Beautiful beige:

create an oasis of calm in your baby room.

Beige baby rooms are absolutely on trend this moment and are beautiful to look at. Beautiful baby accessories made of natural materials in beige, light brown and sandy colors - that will make you happy and calm, right? We show you how to transform your baby room into a peaceful and sustainable paradise.

Beige is totally on trend right now

Beige nurseries are totally on trend. As expectant parent(s) you are of course very busy preparing for the arrival of your little one. Decorating the baby's room is of course part of this! If you look around on the internet for current trends, you will see that beige baby rooms are totally hot. The color beige is a beautiful unisex color and it brings calmness to the baby's room, so your child can sleep here wonderfully and peacefully.

Add these beautiful accent colors

To make sure your baby's room doesn't become one big beige situation, you can use these accent colors to liven up the room some more.

1. Beige/sand in combination with off-white accents give the room a warm atmosphere with a fresh breeze through it, by adding some white here and there. This can be through a white crib, a white wall or a nice woolly white rug. 

2. Taupe looks slightly different from beige and brings dimension to your baby's room. Taupe is a color between gray and brown, while beige is more of a light brown. So it is in the same color family! 

3. Black gives the room a more luxurious look and goes beautiful in combination with beige. Choose a black dresser or black accessories. Be careful not to use too much black, or your baby's room will get a bit dark!

Unisex baby textiles: being sustainable!

If you don't want to know your baby's gender yet, a beige/sand-colored baby room is a great option. Shades of beige are gender neutral and can suit for both boys and girls. As your child grows, you won't have to change the color on the wall; beige is timeless. Change the crib for a toddler bed and re-use the nursery for your possible next child. Just change some accessories and you're done! This way you are doing something sustainable and you keep the costs under control.

Styling tips

  • Visit the thrift store if you want to keep your kids' room budget-friendly! With a lick of paint and piece of sandpaper, you can transform old furniture or accessories into beautiful showpieces that totally fit the beige theme. 
  • Combine different materials for a fun twist. For example, mix & match our Mini Knots items (or other knits) with soft Velvet items. 
  • As a finishing touch, put a nice hydrophilic cloth in a solid color or with a nice print on your changing mat cover. Also very handy, so you do not have to put a new cover on your changing mat after every diaper change. 
  • Place some babyproof plants in your kids' room! This brightens up the room nicely with fresh, green accents. Safe plants in the nursery include Calathea Orbifolia, grass lilies and Pancake plants.  
  • A canopy is the eye-catcher of the baby's room. Good news, because you can later hang a mosquito net over your child's toddler bed or first single bed. 
  • Dress the kids' room with accessories made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan or reed. Since these materials are in the same beige color family, those items fit the picture perfectly!

  • Read our blog about decorating your baby room if you want more tips on how to make your baby room beautiful!

Everything for peace in your baby's room

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