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Muslin startersets

Ready in one fell swoop

Before the arrival of your little one, you will need all kinds of things. But what is a must-have and what is just handy to have? Muslin squares are one product that is on every baby care list. And once your baby is born, you will know why. That is why we created the muslin starterset. A complete set with multifunctional, muslin products. So you have all the muslin care products you need in one go.

A good start

The Meyco Baby muslin starter set contains various muslin products that are indispensable when caring for your baby: muslin squares (70x70cm), face cloths (30x30cm) and wash mitts (20x17cm). These products are multifunctional and sustainable. Great for your wallet. Is that a good start or not?

Soft, softer, softest

Made of very finely woven, muslin cotton or organic cotton, the products are wonderfully soft for your baby's delicate skin. The muslin fabric is a superhero in absorbing moisture and dries very quickly. You can use them as mouth cloth, extra blanket, swaddle cloth, changing mat and so on. You can never have enough of them!