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Decorating a baby's room?

Here's how to do it!

Decorating your baby's room is one of the best things to do in preparation for the arrival of your little one. It is tempting to go crazy right away, because in those cute baby stores everything is just too cute. Before you start, read our practical step-by-step plan to keep it budget-friendly!

Start with the basics end with details

Your baby's room is mainly for sleeping and resting. Your child will have its own space there and feel completely at home. When decorating, start with the room itself: the layout, floor and walls form the basis. You can choose to keep the home furnishings you already have, or you can change everything completely. Depending on your style, preferences and nesting instincts

Choose your furniture

Once you have your style in mind, choose your furniture. The crib, dresser and closet are the foundation of the room. There are many ways to budget-proof your room. Choose second-hand furniture that you refurbish yourself, or think a little further ahead and choose a dresser that can later serve as a closet. Or go for a "grow along crib", which you can later turn into a toddler bed. This is not only inexpensive, but also a sustainable choice! 

 Tip: If you choose wooden furniture and have a wood (colored) floor, use a rug under the crib so the different colors of wood don't blend in too much.

Your foundation is laid now you start styling

Tip: First, choose your bed textiles within your style. 

Choose a quiet textile? Then in the rest of the room you can go a bit further with prints, details and accessories. Wallpaper is totally hot! From jungle to floral prints. If you choose bed textiles with a cheerful colorful print, then quiet room styling is a good idea. 

Tip: Choose a color from the textiles as a base for the paint on the wall. Take your textiles with you to the paint store so you can choose the right color palette together. This way everything combines well together and you keep the balance in the bedroom decor.

Step-by-step plan for decorating the baby's room

1. Moodboard 
Create a mood board on Pinterest, for example. Create a nice overview of your preferences regarding the crib, dresser and bedding. 

2. Choose your furniture
Are you going for a completely new set, a mix of new and used or everything second-hand? Give used furniture a completely new look in the color you like. In any case, always pay close attention to quality and safety. 

3. Choose your bedding
Bedding is indispensable and sets the mood. With the Meyco Baby collection you can mix and match to create your own style. All bedding is made from natural materials. Tip: from the color of the bedding pick a hue for the wall.
4. The color of your walls.
It is best to choose 1 or 2 walls that you give a tint. Give the other walls a basic color or another color within the pallet. This way you can play with the space. If you make a long wall darker, you create more length in the room. A shade on the shorter walls creates a more secure character

5. Choose your accessories
Accessories are the finishing touch to the nursery.They determine the atmosphere, but are often also functional. For example, a lamp, baskets or photos with personal memories. And don't forget the trend of the moment: the mosquito net. This atmosphere creator also provides a very secure feeling for your little one.

DIY tips

Do you already have wallpaper? The easiest way is to use wallpaper again. You can often remove the old wallpaper, but getting the wall underneath ready to paint again can be quite a job. Walls that have already been painted can be wallpapered or painted again. Does the surface have a dark color? Then put a base color over that first, so that the darker background doesn't affect your new color. A light gray color as a base often works better than white. 

If you choose wall paint, the possibilities are endless. It's best to choose 1 or 2 walls to tint. The other walls you give a basic color or another color within the pallet. You can play with the space this way. When you give a long wall a darker color than the rest of the room, you create more length in the space. A shade on the shorter walls creates a more secure character. Paneling is also back in fashion and gives a small room a more airy character.

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