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Why buying when you can also rent?

Rent your baby gear at Tiny Library

Baby on the way! When you're expecting your first child, you're often overwhelmed by the various baby kit lists and the wide range of products available. But what do you really need and how long will you use certain items?

Rent your baby gear and save on your baby kit 

Did you know that in your little one's first year of life, many products are only used for a relatively short time? Take a co-sleeper or a crib, for example. Before you know it, your child will have outgrown that crib and you can switch to a crib! A sustainable alternative is to rent these products then. By renting a stroller, a baby carrier, a playpen or a bouncer, you not only do your bit for the environment, but also save a lot of money! 

Renting from Tiny Library is cheaper than buying used products in most cases. You can expect to save up to 70% of the new price of the product if you rent it, depending on how long you rent the product. This is often still 30% cheaper than buying through, say, Marketplace. It also saves you a lot of hassle and time, something that for you as a busy parent (to be) is also worth a lot. This way you have all the time you need for your baby.

How does renting baby products work? 

You easily rent your favorite baby products from Tiny Library, with the guarantee that all products are clean, intact and safe. They offer you the opportunity to rent top brands for a low monthly fee, saving up to 70% on your baby essentials! 

How does it work? Simply choose your favorite products online and receive the items when you need them. Don't use the items anymore? Then you can easily return them to Tiny Libray for free. Upon receipt, everything is optimally cleaned in their professional dry cleaners, so that all items are completely hygienic and clean, before it goes to the next baby. This way they can make other young parents happy again!

Your favorite Meyco Baby items at Tiny Library

Besides strollers, car seats, furniture and toys, you can also rent Meyco Baby bedding and playpen covers.  Also very handy if you use an item like a co-sleeper, crib or playpen for a relatively short time.