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Bye bye winter, hello summer

On adventure in nature!

The winter months were perfect for cocooning with your little one, but now you want nothing more than to get out and about together. Time for sun shine, sniffing the fresh spring air and exploring the greenery. That is good for you and your baby. What are you waiting for?

Green happiness for big and small

Nature is a wonderful environment for everyone. The fresh air and exercise are good for our head, body and development. Whether it's your toddler, newborn baby or yourself. So it's good that we realize more and more that you should definitely go green, especially with your baby!

All senses on edge

Your little one will learn a lot in the first year. Did you know that a natural environment can subconsciously contribute to this? Nature knows better than anyone else how to perfectly stimulate the different senses of your baby. A relaxing walk in the park or forest for you, for example, is one big voyage of discovery for your child.

Hearing, seeing and..  discovering

Because your baby's sight is not fully developed until after his first year of life, he is mainly focused on sounds. How many there are in nature! Rustling leaves, birds chirping, the sheep in the meadow. Name the sounds, imitate them and point out where they come from. Success guaranteed.

Sleep baby sleep...

All that being outside and discovering greenery has another great advantage: most babies become nice and rosy in the open air. Chances are that your baby has already fallen asleep outside...

Feel it!

In addition to looking, hearing and smelling, there is of course also a lot to feel outside. Place your little one on the grass or in the sand. That feels very different than in a box or bed. Your baby feels the ground with his hands and feet, knees and elbows. That grass is itchy and that sand feels nice and soft. Discover, discover and discover again. Important, because a good sense of touch is the best basis for your baby's self-awareness.

On an adventure in nature!

Bathcape terry Ruffle - taupe - 80x80cm


Bathcape terry Ruffle - greige - 80x80cm


Bathcape terry Uni - sand - 75x75cm


Bathcape terry Uni - light blue - 75x75cm

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Bathcape 2-pack Cheetah/Uni - grey - 80x80cm

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