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Exchanges and returns


You cannot exchange our products, only return them. If you wish to exchange a product, you must return it and order a new one yourself via our website.

Note: do you have complaints about the product you received? Then we ask you to contact our customer service. They will help you find a suitable solution.


What return options are there?

You have the option to return the product within 30 days of receipt and receive a full refund. Would you like to exchange the product or do you have any complaints? Please contact our customer service.


How do I return the product?

Do you want to return your product? That works as follows:

  • Report in advance via our online return form which product(s) you want to return.
  • Print your shipping label
  • Send your return neatly packaged and undamaged using the shipping label
  • Make sure to properly seal the shipping box. You are responsible for the cost of returning the product. When we have received the product in good order we will refund you as soon as possible (but at the latest within 30 days).

What are the return conditions?

You can return your products within 30 days of receipt via our online return form.

  • After registration you have five working days to return the products.
  • If the product is returned properly packed and undamaged, we will refund you the purchase price.
  • To receive a full refund, it is important that the product is undamaged and neatly packaged.
  • Have you agreed with our customer service that the product will be exchanged? Then we will send you the new product
  • See here our terms and conditions and the section on right of withdrawal
  • When returning a package deal, you must return all items in the package deal, unless otherwise agreed in advance
Are you unsure if your return meets the above conditions or do you have additional questions? Feel free to contact our customer service.

Special conditions at 3=1 promotion

If you have used a 3=1 promotion, special return conditions apply in addition to the above conditions. 
If one or more of the promotional items does not meet your expectations, you may of course return them.

  • If you return 1 of the 3 promotional items, you will be refunded 33% of your purchase price.
  • If you return 2 out of 3 promotional items, you will pay the original retail price of the item you keep and the difference will be refunded.
  • If you return all the items in your order, you will receive a full refund.

Are there any exceptions?

In the following cases, we cannot replace a product or issue a full refund without question:

  • When the packaging is more damaged than necessary to evaluate the product.
  • When the product itself has been damaged or carelessly handled
  • When the product has been washed
  • When the product has been returned incomplete
In such a case, we are forced to pass on the depreciation to you. Please treat the product with care and make sure it is packaged properly when you return it.