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Read here all blogs that inform and inspire you to let your little one(s) sleep as easily and comfortably as possible and thus ensure a good night's sleep.

Meyco grows with you

The right sleeping equipment makes a lot of difference for a good night's sleep. When your child is comfortable, relaxing is much easier. And exactly that is needed to fall asleep comfortably. Check out what your little dreamer needs at each stage below!

In conversation with sleep coach Janine Nuttycombe - Winter

You might expect babies to sleep more easily in the fall than in the spring. But appearances can be deceiving. We sat down with sleep coach Janine Nuttycombe and got tips and advice on sleeping in the fall.

Bye bye cot, hello cot bed!

Before you know it, your toddler will have outgrown his crib. Time for a bigger bed. Hello new milestone! For some kids that new bed is one big party, for others it is a little less smooth. To make the transition smaller, a toddler bed is a good intermediate step.

In conversation with sleep coach Janine Nuttycombe

A bad sleeper and broken nights, Janine knows all about it. Still, peace returned to her house. How? Because she followed a training as a sleep coach.

The sleeping bag for your little dreamer

The name says it all, the Meyco Baby 4-season sleeping bag is a sleeping bag for all four seasons and consists of 4 different sleeping bags in one. This way you don't have to get a different sleeping bag for every season.

A sleeping ritual makes the difference

Chances are you've heard of it before: the 3 R's. They stand for peace, purity and regularity. Old-fashioned? Yes. frumpy? Certainly not!. They have already helped many babies and are back with a vengeance

The ideal sleeping bag

A baby sleeping bag is the perfect choice to help your baby sleep safely and comfortably. But how do you know that your little one is not too hot or cold? And which sleeping bag is suitable for which temperature?


With swaddling you imitate the nice, warm environment from the womb, which has a calming effect on your baby. It reduces anxiety and improves sleep.

Making the crib

Your baby sleeps best when his or her crib is properly and comfortably made. But how exactly do you make a crib properly and safely? We explain it to you step by step.

TOG value

With the TOG value you can more easily estimate what you can best use in the baby cot, for example an extra sheet, remove the blanket, whether or not pajamas are in the sleeping bag.

Swaddle bags

The cocoon is a unique product that combines the qualities of both a sleeping bag and a swaddle wrap. This provides your little one with the best of both worlds: comfort and safety while sleeping.