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A better sleep?

A sleeping ritual makes the difference!

Chances are you've heard of it before. A sleeping ritual stands for peace, purity and regularity. Old-fashioned? Yes. frumpy? Certainly not! They have already helped many babies and are back with a vengeance. It helps your little one to calm down, so that he can fall asleep comfortably. Sounds good right?

Babies like predictability

With a sleeping ritual, you repeat a fixed sequence of actions every time when putting your little one to bed. That's exactly what he likes, because he knows exactly what's coming. That predictability makes him relaxed and calm. He even makes more melatonin as a result: his body learns that it is time to go to sleep after the ritual.

When is your baby ready for it?

As a new parent, you can start right away with an evening routine for your newborn baby. The sooner you start, the sooner your baby will get used to his bedtime routine. What does that sleeping ritual look like for your little one? That's up to you. In any case, make sure you come up with a fixed order that suits you and your baby. It really shouldn't take half an hour. A few actions can be enough. Think, for example, of changing the clothes, putting on the sleeping bag, saying goodnight to the stuffed animals, reading a book or singing a song.

Thé sleeping ritual does not exist

The sleeping ritual is personal and therefore different for every baby. Of course there are a few things you can take into account to make your sleeping ritual a success. For example, try to keep all the same routine. So your (possible) partner, the babysitter, grandfathers and grandmothers: all perform the same actions. Especially when you are not there, this recognizability provides a familiar feeling. And for daytime naps? Even then it is best to follow a sleeping ritual. This can just be the same, but it can also be slightly different. And remember, there is no one right sleeping ritual. The best bedtime ritual is one that works for your baby and for you.

Falling asleep with white noise

Babies always have sound around them in the womb. After the birth it is suddenly 'quiet'. That takes some getting used to! That is why many babies like to have sound around them. A good solution for this is playing white noise. This is a sound with a mix of frequencies, which makes you less alert to ambient sounds. The tones create peace of mind and therefore your child falls asleep more easily.