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How to make up your baby's cot?

Your baby sleeps best when his or her cot is made up properly and comfortably. But how exactly do you make up a cot properly and safely? We will explain it to you step by step.

Follow these five steps
You can make up a cot in a safe way in the following 5 steps:

1. Mattress protector
Place a Mattress protector on the bed base to prevent wear and tear of the mattress.

2. Mattress
Place a mattress of at least 8 cm thick on top. Your little one sleeps a lot, especially in the beginning, so it will be lying on the mattress a lot. A mattress with a thickness of at least 8 cm is necessary to bear the weight without feeling the bars of the bed base. This minimal thickness ensures that the mattress is strong enough to support your child for the many hours it sleeps.

3. moisture
Cover the mattress with a molton fitted sheet or underlay to protect it from moisture. Sometimes babies vomit or their diapers leak, so it is nice to have extra protection for your mattress. Especially if you have a mattress whose cover cannot be washed. A molton fitted sheet or underlay offers extra protection and is certainly not unnecessary. When your child gets older, they often drool while sleeping and this moisture cannot reach the mattress either.

4. Fitted sheet
Then place a cotton fitted sheet on top. It is pleasant to use a cotton fitted sheet, because it breathes and regulates heat.
Cotton warms when the temperature is cold and cools when it is hot. Ideal and very soft to lie down on.
Did you know that Meyco sells fitted sheets in 18 colors and in many different sizes?

5. Short and tight
Make the cot short and tight with a bed sheet and blanket of cotton. Make sure that the baby's feet are almost against the end of the bed and that the bedding reaches the baby's shoulders. Stuck the sheet and blanket in properly at the bottom and on both sides. It is important to make the bed short and tight, otherwise your child may get under the bedding and might not be able to get out of it. By making the bed short, your baby can sleep safely and feels immediately secure because it is tucked in well.

place a muslin cloth on your fitted sheet. For example, fold a muslin cloth into a point to create two layers. If your child vomits, you do not have to wash the fitted sheet immediately. Thit saves a lot of laundry (and time and is good for the environment) and you make the bed again quickly. This is convenient, because in the beginning your little one will sleep every two hours.