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Washing advice


Our products are made 100% of natural products and mostly of cotton. This is extra safe for your child because the material is breathable.

Use as little detergent as possible when washing our products. A newborn baby's skin is soft and tender, therefore we recommend washing our products with a detergent that is hypo-allergenic and ph-neutral or using a little baby shampoo. Other detergents often contain fragrances and dyes and these substances are not suitable for a sensitive baby's skin.

For each product, the recommended temperature for washing our products is indicated on the washing label; This is often at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Do not beat the blanket wet after taking it out of the washing machine, but put it in the dryer at a low temperature or hang it on the clothesline. After washing several times, blankets sometimes get a bath towel effect, because the hairs reassemble as a result of the natural process. Then repeat the washing and drying at low temperature in order to make the textile fibres stand upright again. In this way, the items remain beautiful even longer and the quality is best preserved.

Products with a filling, such as playpen mats or lined sleeping bags, can clump together in the washing machine. When washing them, it is essential to dry them in the dryer. When drying on the clothesline, the filling can sag and clump due to gravity. This can only be prevented in the dryer with tennis balls. When tennis balls are placed in the dryer during the drying process, the tennis balls repeatedly hit the filling during the drying process. This makes the product looser.