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Every baby has the right to have a good start. We believe it is important to contribute to the well-being of our planet and support with small things to reduce the effects of poverty on babies and young children.

How are we contributing?

Guusje Nederhorst Fund

When purchasing any Woezel & Pip by Meyco product, a percentage goes to the Guusje Nederhorst Fund.
The Guusje Nederhorst Fund was established in loving memory of Guusje Nederhorst-Woesthoff, the creator of Woezel & Pip, who passed away in 2004. The Guusje Nederhorst Fund (GNF) is an initiative of Dinand and Lucy Woesthoff and has the goal of supporting all relevant projects that focus on children and animals. Every year, the fund selects two charities to which it provides financial support. With this we can help even more children and animals who really need our attention, help and support.

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Stichting Babyspullen

1 in 9 children in the Netherlands grows up in poverty. Stichting Babyspullen is committed to reduce the effects of poverty on babies and young children, because every child has the right to a good start. They realise this goal primarily by providing free baby starter packs, consisting of new and second hand baby products, to (future) parents in the Netherlands. The Foundation provides around 4,000 free baby starter packs annually to (future) parents in the Netherlands who are in financial difficulty. We support Stichting Babyspullen by regularly donating older collections, repaired items or other products of both brand and private label for the starter packs.

As a mother, you can also support Stichting Babyspullen. Do you have any baby stuff left you would like to give a good second life? Donate the baby products at one of the collection points. Visit For more information.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

BSCI is an initiative of companies committed to better working conditions in the global supply chain. BSCI unites hundreds of companies under a common code of conduct and supports them in their efforts to promote an ethical supply chain. The BSCI Code of Conduct supports the most important international conventions for the protection of labour rights. Our manufacturers are members of this code of conduct. This concerns the following key concepts: a socially responsible policy, freedom of association, working hours and overtime, non-discrimination, prevention of child labour and forced labour, special protection for young workers, payment of a minimum wage, provisions for a safe and healthy workplace, environmental protection and no uncertain employment.


All Meyco products are Oeko-tex certified. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a testing and certification system for textiles, which gives you guarantees regarding health. The standard focuses on the use of harmful substances in relation to the health of the end user. All materials in our products that contact the baby's skin are tested and approved according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, category 1, which means that they are free of harmful substances and allergens. So it is better for your skin and health!

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international quality mark that sets requirements for both the production of the fibres and their further weaving. The requirements for organic natural fibre cultivation are defined by European rules. No synthetic plant protection products, no genetically modified organisms and no artificial fertilisers are used during cultivation. Furthermore, GOTS sets environmental requirements for the processing of the fibre, requirements for working conditions and a fair wage in the production phase, excluding the agricultural phase. Environmental requirements also apply to packaging and haberdashery.