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TOG value

What is TOG value?
The TOG value stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a number that indicates the heat resistance and insulation of baby textiles and bedding. The TOG value makes it easier to decide what to put in the baby's crib, such as an extra sheet, removing the blanket, and whether or not to put pajamas in the sleeping bag.

What TOG value is suitable?
The TOG value is measured at room temperature and should be between 0 and 4. If the TOG value is higher than 4 there is a risk of heat congestion and this increases the risk of crib death. With the help of the table below you can determine the approximate TOG value.

You can see from the above diagram that it is not only the TOG value of, for example, a blanket that mattersIt is also important to know the TOG value of, for example, a diaper, a romper and pyjamas. This should be an approximate estimate, because most of these articles generally do not include a TOG value. Above you can see that a diaper has a TOG value of 0.5, but this is only around the bottom. Therefore, the schedule indicates that above a room temperature of 24 °C, it is advised to put a child in bed with only a diaper But of course this depends on the child, one child heats up quicker than the other. You might not feel comfortable sleeping without something over your body, and this could also be the case for your baby. With this we want to make clear that the TOG value is an indication, but definitely not leading. Therefore, always follow your feelings and sense of reason as a parent.

Does this mean I can use any material blanket as long as it meets the correct TOG value?

No. It is still important to choose natural materials such as wool or cotton. This ensures that your child not only sleeps in a safe way, but also in a comfortable way. when you have slept a night under a fleece blanket, it is not comfortable because it does not breathe and you will sweat a lot. You will experience this as unpleasant, so it certainly is for your child too. Materials such as wool and cotton breathe and prevent your child from sweating. Materials such as teddy, velvet, fleece or microfibre are non-natural materials that make your child sleep less comfortably.

What is the TOG value of Meyco's products??

Several Meyco products have been tested for their TOG value. You can find the test results in the table below.